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U.S. Visa Information

U.S. Embassy Skopje, Macedonia, is the Department of State designated venue for tourist, summer work and travel, immigrant visa, and diversity lottery visa services to citizens residing in the Republic of Kosovo.  Contact: or; call center can be reached at (+389) 2 317 1042 from Kosovo or (703)439-2346 from the United States.    Information about their hours, location, procedures, holidays, prohibited items, who can attend the interviews, and requirements can be found on their website here.  Email for inquiries not covered on their website.

For information about other visa services, provided in Kosovo, please review the information to the left.

Students: Are you interested in studying in the United States?  Be sure to review complete information about student visa requirements and application process available here.

Visa Information: Please review the topics to the left for additional information, contacts, and resources for the different types of U.S. visas.

The Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Customer Service Statement is available here.  Frequently asked questions are located here.  Reciprocity and visa fees are available here and approximate interview wait times are shown here

Check the status of your in process application by using your CEAC information here or learn more about administrative processing here.  Information about 214(b) refusals and other ineligibilities can be found here.

Need help getting started?  Visit the visa wizard and complete visa information here.

Fraud: Report incidents of fraud or visa abuse to us here.

If you are seeking a U.S. visa or service, we strongly recommend that you read the Department of State's fraud warning on imposter or fraudulent websites, emails, scams, and advertisements before proceeding.   Engaging in fraud, misrepresentation, or providing false statements or documents - including on behalf of others - can result in visa denial, permanent ineligibilities, or criminal prosecution.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Click here for an A-Z Subject Listing on the Department of State's website. 



      DS-160 application:  If you are eligible to apply in Pristina, please choose KOSOVO, Pristina on the application. If you are required to apply in Skopje (Tourist visa requiring interview or Summer Work and Travel), you must choose Macedonia, Skopje in the application system, other vise you will be denied entry at the U.S. EMBASSY IN SKOPJE.



      All visa applicants eligible to be processed in U.S. Embassy Pristina must pay in cash (Dollars or Euro, but not a combination of currencies) at the Consular Section on the date of interview.    Do not pay at Raiffeisen bank.   If you have previously paid at Raiffeisen bank, you may use that receipt to apply in U.S. Embassy Pristina (if eligible) only through August 31, 2015.  Starting September 1, any payments made to Raiffeisen bank will only be accepted in U.S. Embassy Skopje.  MRV fees are not refundable.

Fraud Notice / Warning

  • Department of State Warns of Impostor or Fraudulent Websites, Emails or Print Advertisements

    For more information on Fraud Notices and Warnings, visit

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