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Statement from Charge d’Affaires Michael J. Murphy, February 01, 2011

Statement from Charge d’Affaires Michael J. Murphy

February 01, 2011

We welcome caretaker Prime Minister Thaci’s decision to postpone the payment of government-approved wage increases until the Assembly has adopted the 2011 budget.  The caretaker Prime Minister’s decision shows respect for the rule of law and Kosovo’s constitutional order.
Leadership requires making tough decisions.  Today the caretaker Prime Minister showed that Kosovo prioritizes good governance.  This was the right decision.
We trust the caretaker Prime Minister’s assurances that the Government will keep its commitment to Kosovo’s public servants, and we look to the new Assembly to adopt a 2011 budget in the new term’s initial days.  We recognize the need to rationalize public service salaries, and we trust that Kosovo’s public servants, more than anyone, recognize the need to adhere to Kosovo’s own administrative framework.
Kosovo’s continued economic growth and development depend on strong partnerships with its allies and with international financial institutions. 
Today, Kosovo showed that it is a strong and reliable partner.