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Non-Immigrant Visas

General Information

Non-Immigrant Visa Services

The U.S. Embassy Skopje is designated as the venue for U.S. nonimmigrant visa services to citizens of Kosovo. 

Kosovo citizen passport holders require a non-immigrant visa for temporary visits to the United States. In order to qualify for a non-immigrant visa, you must generally prove to the consular officer that you have a residence in a foreign country which you do not intend to abandon, that you intend to enter the United States for a period of specifically limited duration, and that you seek admission for the sole purpose of engaging in legitimate activities related to your visa class. These factors are often established by showing permanent employment, meaning business or financial connections, close familly ties, and social and cultural associations that will indicate a strong inducemnt to return from abroad. The most widely known nonimmigrant visa category is the visitor visa (B), which is used by aliens who wish to enter the United States temporarily for business purposes or for tourism, visiting relatives and friends, or similar reasons. Other categories of nonimmigrant visas include for those persons who wish to enter as representatives of foreign governments (A&G), in transit (C), as crewmen (D), students in academic or language programs (F), temporary workers and trainees (H), journalists (I), and exchange visitors (J). To schedule an interview appointment, see How to Apply for a Nonimmigrant Visa. Interviews generally take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, except on Macedonian and American holidays. The average visa appointment wait time is given at

Please not that ONLY persons applying for a visa will be admitted to the embassy. Visa applicants with children who are not applying for a visa should make appropriate arrangements for child care. Minors who apply for a visa may be accompanied by one adult. 

Also NOTE that certain items are prohibited when entering the Embassy such as cell phones, tape recorders or players, cameras, electronic items, smoking items, sharp instruments, ect.

Please watch this brief video (DSL/cable) for additional information on the U.S. visa program.  

Valid Visas in Old Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Passports for Kosovo Citizens:

Effective November 30, 2011 the US Embassy in Skopje will no longer consider the old, blue colored “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” passports as valid travel documents for the purpose of visa issuance. If you wish to travel with a new Kosovo passport you must apply for a new U.S. visa. You also must bring your valid U.S. visa in your old Federal Republic of Yugoslavia passport with you to the visa interview so that the old visa may be cancelled by the Consul. Issuance of a new U.S. visa is not automatic. You must apply and qualify for a brand new visa, and bring all required documents to the visa interview. Please see the following link for instructions on applying for a new U.S. visa.

However, if you have a current, dark red colored “Republic of Serbia” passport, and a valid US visa in one of the old “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” passports, you may travel with that passport along with a valid “Republic of Serbia” passport.



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