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Non-Immigrant Visas

General Information

Non-Immigrant Visa Services

Kosovo residents in the following categories are eligible to interview at the U.S. Embassy Pristina:

-       J, F, M (Except Summer Work and Travel SWT) with a valid DS-2019 or I-20 for student or exchange travel (except Summer Work and Travel)

-       H, L, O ,P, Q, R Visas with an approved USCIS petition

-       C, D, E, I Crew, Transit, Treaty, and Media visas

-       Pristina Reissue Program eligible applicants. Residents of Kosovo who hold a B1/B2, C, D, C1/D, I, F, M, O, or J visa (still valid or expired no more than 36 months ago) or E, H, L, P, or R (still valid or expired no more than 12 months ago) and provided a complete set of fingerprints, may be eligible for the Visa Reissue Program.  Applicants must be in Kosovo at the time they submit their application.  If you hold a valid visa you are not required to wait until it expires before applying for a new one. A Consular Officer reserves the right to request that any applicant appear in person.

-       Visa applicants older than 79 years  

-       Visa applicants younger than 14 years, if both parents have currently valid visas or are simultaneously applying for the reissue program

If you can honestly answer YES to all of the questions below, you may be eligible for the Interview Waiver program in Pristina. 

Is your normal place of residence in Kosovo?

Are you applying for a renewal of a B1/B2, C, D, C1/D, I, F, J, O, or M visa, within 36 months of the expiration date?

Are you applying for a renewal of an E, H, L, P, or R visa, within 12 months of expiration date?

Was your last visa issued after August 1, 2009?

Is your previous visa still in your possession?

Was your last application for a visa approved?

If your visa is an F or M type, are you still enrolled in the same program or same institution?

If your visa is a J type, is your new SEVIS number the same as the SEVIS number on your old visa?

If your visa is an E, H, L, P, or R type, is your petitioner the same?

If you can honestly answer yes to all of the questions above, please proceed here for instructions on how to apply in Pristina.

The U.S. Embassy Skopje is designated as the venue for B1/B2 Tourist/Business and J1 Summer Work and Travel (SWT) visas for citizens of Kosovo. 

To schedule an appointment please click on the link above or proceed to the U.S. Embassy website. Any requests for Summer Work and Travel or regular business or tourism visa interviews will not be answered and must be directed to U.S. Embassy Skopje.

Aditional information:

Any questions about the visa application process or status in Skopje should be directed to (+389) 2 317 1042,, or Skype at usvisamacedonia. Please apply early as processing times vary. A list of holidays is available here.

If you require an emergency expedite appointment, and if you qualify to apply in Pristina, please submit the appropriate online appointment request and then email with your name, DS-160 barcode number, visa category and a brief but thorough explanation of why an expedited appointment is requested.

Customer Service Statement

Please see the Visa webpage for complete information including A-Z index, reporting fraud, getting started, and additional resources.

If you are a passport holder of a Visa Waiver Program participating country and are looking for ESTA or Visa Waiver Program information please see the website here and here.

Updated information about I-94 automation and forms is available here.

Students in need of SEVIS information should review the ICE website here.



      DS-160 application:  If you are eligible to apply in Pristina, please choose KOSOVO, Pristina on the application. If you are required to apply in Skopje (Tourist visa requiring interview or Summer Work and Travel), you must choose Macedonia, Skopje in the application system, other vise you will be denied entry at the U.S. EMBASSY IN SKOPJE.



      All visa applicants eligible to be processed in U.S. Embassy Pristina must pay in cash (Dollars or Euro, but not a combination of currencies) at the Consular Section on the date of interview.    Do not pay at Raiffeisen bank.   If you have previously paid at Raiffeisen bank, you may use that receipt to apply in U.S. Embassy Pristina (if eligible) only through August 31, 2015.  Starting September 1, any payments made to Raiffeisen bank will only be accepted in U.S. Embassy Skopje.  MRV fees are not refundable.


  • Electronic devices, large bags, weapons, and glass bottles are not allowed within the Embassy grounds.  Visitors who do not follow these instructions will experience considerable delays at the security check point, which may result in the appointment being cancelled.


  • Effective March 26, 2015, a new version of USCIS Form I-407, Record of Abandonment of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status, will be implemented worldwide. Form I-407 can be downloaded from the USCIS website at If you intend to file this form in U.S Embassy Pristina please go to ACS appointment form and make notary appointment, read instructions on the USCIS website prior to the appointment.